How AI Can Impact Account-Based Marketing in 2021

3 min readDec 5, 2021


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest buzzword for B2B Marketing. AI is changing the way we market to our customers; and no strategy is more perfectly positioned for it than account-based marketing (ABM). B2B marketers know that ABM strategies can yield significantly higher conversion rates than traditional marketing. It can deliver a much more deeply personalized customer experience and a more efficient and target-oriented sales team. With AI powering your ABM strategy, you can get insights into your prospects’ levels of engagement and the success of their campaigns.

Like most marketing teams, you are likely looking to scale your efforts towards an ABM strategy. Today, with increased buyer demands, ad-hoc data sources, and advances in Artificial Intelligence, a unified and accurate customer data is critical to running account-based marketing programs at scale. Given below are a few ways AI can have a profound impact on your ABM strategy.

Target the right accounts with accurate data

AI is a capable to gauge intent, thereby making it a great tool for the account selection process. From a Total Addressable Market that meets a basic set of your criteria like revenue, employee count and industry-type, Artificial intelligence can help you narrow down and tell you how well the set of accounts fits within your ideal customer profile. Specifically, at SMARTe, we use Artificial Intelligence and NLP technologies in combination with decades of domain expertise to provide accurate, high- quality global contact data.

Take Your Relationship-Building to a Whole New Level

Artificial Intelligence can identify patterns and insights humans would not usually find. Once it understands the motivations behind consumer actions, AI uses it to develop more personalized marketing messages.

Depending on where your prospect is within the marketing funnel, and the unique path they took to get there, you can serve them the most appropriate messaging that will take them to the next step. Marketing and Sales heads can use this capability to make sure no opportunity is wasted and no lead is left behind. Apart from its ability to automate almost everything you’re doing, one of the key features of AI is its ability to personalize content at the right time for every prospect.

Get your Sales and Marketing Teams to play the same tune

The most important benefit of ABM is the alignment of your sales and marketing teams; and AI can help you boost this coordination further. AI can provide sales with activity and behavioral data, which they can then act on in a unique case-by-case manner. This approach provides better ROI than the usual generalized “smiling and dialing” technique in which unsolicited calls are made to prospective clients.

The SDRs are provided with a whole dossier of information enabling them to pick up the phone and say, “I’ve researched your organization, I know so-and-so about you, you probably have this kind of a problem and here’s how we can help.” You’re much more likely to score a meeting off the back of such a conversation.

ABM will always require a company-wide approach and AI can only complement your ABM efforts. But if it is used properly, and with the right technologies, you can do implement strategies that were unimaginable just a decade ago. To learn more about how SMARTe can dramatically scale and improve all aspects of your ABM strategy with its AI-enabled products like SMARTe Discover and SMARTe Enrich, contact our sales team today.




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